Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Sports Wish

NOTE: I am deviating from my blog plan today

I have a Christmas wish. Unfortunately I need the wish to come true before Christmas. You see I have a specific wish just to piss off the BCS. Here is my wish:

I wish that Texas loses to Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game

You see we already know that either Florida or Alabama will lose in the SEC title game. I'm hoping it's Alabama because I think they are the weaker of the two teams. TCU is ranked 4th currently in the BCS standings even though they are a non-BCS school. Don't ask me to explain how some schools in the FBS are BCS schools and some are not. It is in all reality STUPID! However money talks and this is what we have. Anyways, I digress.

Now if Texas loses to Nebraska then Texas should drop below TCU in the BCS standings. The loser of Florida and Alabama should also drop below TCU. This would mean that TCU would be ranked #2 in the BCS and automatically play in the BCS championship game (the winner of Florida vs Alabama would be #1).

Now, I'm not above a conspiracy theory here. So here's a scenario that could change this. If Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh in the Big East championship game there is a possibility it could vault TCU. It shouldn't happen, but hey we are talking about significant money here. Also, it is entirely possible that a one-loss Alabama or Texas could still remain above TCU. Again money talks and formulas can be "tweaked" to get a "satisfactory" result. So here the best scenario is that both Texas and Cincinnati lose this week.

If TCU were to play in the National Championship game it would be the ultimate BCS buster. It would of necessity drive the BCS to revamp their formula because now someone has busted their championship game. I think it would take them about all of a month to come up with new rules that would prevent a non-BCS team from playing for a national championship.

So Santa if you're listening, be good to the non-BCS schools and bring us a Texas loss this week.

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