Monday, April 23, 2012


So the NHL playoffs are in full swing. For me, this is a great time of year, especially since it's the third straight year that the home team, the Phoenix Coyotes, have made the postseason.

I do have one problem though. A certain set of bandwagoners who pretty much ignored the Coyotes all season. This set comprises the local sportscasters here in Phoenix. These are the guys who lead with meaningful NFL draft stories in January while the Coyotes are fighting for a playoff birth. These are the guys who give the score in their segment while showing highlights of how the Suns got blown out by the Clippers. These are the guys who think that just because the seats aren't filled they shouldn't cover the 'Yotes. But if it's the DBacks then it's just fine.

The problem comes in that now that they are in the Playoffs and on the verge of winning their first round series that all of a sudden the Coyotes are the most important piece of sports news. One of the stations who are guilty of the aforementioned non-coverage actually sent their sports crew to Chicago to cover games 3 and 4. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon.

As a loyal fan who watched the season from Game 1 through now I just have one word for this set of bandwagoners - GET OFF! You didn't care about them when they were in the regular season. You didn't really care when they pretty much were the best team in Hockey during the month of February. You didn't really care that they won the Pacific division. You only care now because it gives you a positive sports story in a town where only one team has been consistently making the playoffs.