Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Been Amused

Today we took our three oldest to an amusement park (Lagoon in Utah to be specific). It was a great time and the kids had a lot of fun. Of course when one goes to an amusement park, there are always things that amuse you more than the rides and other attractions. Today for instance before lunch I made the following three observations:

1. Some people need to be reminded that Frightmares (what it's called at Lagoon) is in October and not July

2. Teenage girls should not wear greet t-shirts that say "Rub For Luck" on the front of them.

3. People who are old enough to be Grandparents who have younger children SHOULD wear shirts that say "Yes, I am the Mother!" on them

Ok, in some sense I tend to mock people who wear tube socks for cover-ups or shirts that look like they've been modified by ripping to get that off the shoulder look. And believe me, there were plenty of examples of fashion faux-pas today that some of my social network pals could do "What was he/she thinking?" for months.

On the other side there were plenty of other people at the park who I admired. I saw at least three groups of people taking those who are mentally disabled on rides. Allowing these people the opportunity to get out and have fun in a great atmosphere.

I saw my own children helping other children get out of belts and harnesses at rides without even being asked. I witnessed courtesy in all its many forms. Politeness also made its presence known.

I saw families enjoying the atmosphere, food and attractions. All kinds of families were present, everything from new families just starting out to ones like ours where Grandparents to Grandchildren wore similar shirts to show family unity.

All in all I was greatly amused and hope to continue this 2 year tradition we have going.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinals

So I went 5 - 3 in my round of 16 picks. Not too bad. Obviously picking England and Portugal were risky. The US? Maybe I led with my heart a little more than I should have. BTW, the first Dutch goal was scored by Robben so I should get some credit.

Anyways, the quarterfinals start tomorrow. Again I am making picks so let's go:

Netherlands - Brazil: It's a shame they're meeting in the quarters. This is going to either be a super classic or a super stinker. I think both teams will go on the attack. The Dutch are probably the only team that can compete with Brazil in the midfield. Look for an intense game. I think this is going to produce the eventual champion. I'm going with an upset. Netherlands 3 - Brazil 2. Robben again the man to provide the Dutch spark.

Uruguay - Ghana: Probably the most unexpected match up in the quarters. Ghana showed a lot of heart against the US. Uruguay seem to be hitting their stride. I don't think Ghana can handle the combination of Forlan and Suarez. Another spirited game. Expect a lot of physical play and fouls to be committed. I'll take Uruguay to win 3 - 1. Forlan gets one on a free kick and Suarez scores the final goal on the counter attack.

Argentina - Germany: Call this one "Clash of the Titans". Another game to put in the "shame it's in the quarters" category. Argentina is still sore from the loss four years ago. Germany is looking strong. I expect to see Argentina on the attack with Germany on the counter. It's going to be low scoring, but I think this is the game that Messi scores and shines in. Argentina 2 - Germany 1

Paraguay - Spain: This is the "David vs Goliath" game in the quarters. Paraguay couldn't score against Japan, but hit every penalty. Spain played well and David Villa's goal was well taken. However, the Spanish did a lot of flopping and in a quarterfinal that won't fly. I don't see any way Paraguay can handle Spain's attack. Paraguay's keeper Villar will have to play on his head to keep this close. Don't expect that to happen. Spain 3 - Paraguay 0.

So there you have it. With the picks we will have Netherlands - Uruguay and Argentina - Spain in the semifinals. Of course I'll have a finals pick after tomorrow's games.