Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

We just returned from vacation. Of course now we need a vacation for our vacation, but that's to be expected. Three weeks ago we set out for the wild hills of Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs Utah. My wife's family lives there and we were fortunate to be able to camp out at my in-laws house. The great thing about this trip is the "Pass of All Passes" which allows for several "free" events. Here is a brief list of what we did the three weeks we were in Utah:

  • Trafalga Family Fun Center - Laser Tag, Miniature Golf, Rock Climbing Wall, Mini-Go-Karts, Arcade Games
  • Seven Peaks Water Park - Water Slides and more
  • Orem Owlz Pioneer League Baseball game
  • Provo Canyon trip (2x) - Park in the canyon where kids can run and play
  • Lagoon Amusement Park - Two days of Rollercoasters, rides and all around fun
  • Snowbird Chair Lift ride with Disc Golf on the way down (more later)
  • Geode Hunting
  • Canoeing on the Provo River
Grace and Brittany up the Canyon

Here Geode, Geode, Geode

About to ride the Samurai (not so happy after)

Lia and Sam climbing the rock wall

As you can see we kept the schedule packed. My favorite part was when we did the Chair Lift at Snowbird. We arrived at the resort and were able to catch one of the last rides up the mountain. While traveling up the lift we were able to enjoy the ski runs without snow and even saw a Moose. We get to the top and start the Disc Golf course when the thunder started rolling in. We asked if we could ride the chair back down but were unable due to lightning in the area. So we started playing Disc Golf. On the 3rd hole of play the rain started, and it kept coming. We quickly abandoned play and started making our way down the mountain. The thunder and lightning were amazing and all was well, until it started to hail. Being pelted by hail was not a lot of fun and made things somewhat miserable, but it didn't last too long and then it was more rain. We had to watch our step as there were slippery areas on the path. However, we made it down successfully. As a reward we went to The Pie Pizzeria for dinner where bellies were filled and bodies warmed. Just one of our successful adventures during this trip.

The best part of the vacation was the ability to spend quality family time. Sure there were moments when we wanted to be away from each other, but overall we got to spend time with family and strengthen our relationships. It was sad to come home in a way, but good as well. School starts in just a couple of weeks which gives us just enough time to get ready for it.