Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I missed yesterday, but today I'm back. I'm not a big fan of the BCS in case you didn't know. And the announcement on Sunday of the Fiesta Bowl matchup between TCU and Boise State didn't help matters.

This will be the first time where a BCS bowl game will not include a team that is in a BCS conference. It sounds like the ultimate buster until you realize that no BCS conference champion will take on a non-BCS conference champion in a BCS or any other bowl game. For this I'm calling out the BCS as a bunch of chickens.

You see if TCU or Boise State were matched up against Cincinnati, or Ohio State, or Oregon you could get a real test to see if the non-BCS schools belong. But why would any of those schools want to play and risk losing to a highly ranked non-BCS school? Why would they take a chance that people would start to talk about including these other conferences (like the Mountain West or WAC) in the BCS picture? I mean it's only money that they would be losing. Oh yeah I forgot, the BCS is ALL about money. Silly me.

I hope that the TCU - Boise State game gets better ratings than the National Championship game. I doubt it, but I can revise my Christmas wish right? Could you imagine if the numbers come back and a game between two non-BCS schools got better ratings than the BCS National Championship? How cool would that be?

Alright enough dreaming. But still the BCS is a bunch of chickens for taking the easy way out of this. Let TCU play Cincinnati, and after the Big East champs get routed, let's talk about including all FBS Division I schools into the national championship picture.

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