Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lest We Forget

On that day when you need your brothers and sisters to care,
I'll be right here.
Citizen soldiers holding the light for the ones that we guide from the dark of despair.
Standing on guard for the ones that we sheltered,
We'll always be ready because we will always be there.

Citizen Soldiers - 3 Doors Down

I was in the airport yesterday returning home from a business trip. Ahead of me was a young man dressed in fatigues, on his way to California. I don't know if he was on his way to a base or home for the holidays. Frankly that doesn't matter. What hit me though was the man in front of him walking with his daughter. As we got off the moving walkway the man turned extended his hand and thanked the young man for serving. This caused a bunch of thoughts to go through my head during this holiday season.

As you've probably guessed I'm a Christian. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe is the Savior of the world. His birth started a life of sacrifice where He ultimately gave His life for all of us so we could live.

At this time of year however I feel it is important to recognize those who also serve by giving their lives for us so that we can live our lives. We are extremely blessed in this country and it's in great part due to those men and women who served and are serving their country. My family has a history of service in the military. Currently one of Cheryl's cousins is serving. We also have a neighbor whose son is serving.

One of the things we have taught our children is that it is important to recognize these individuals and do what we can for them. Every prayer offered by our children remembers Steve and Brady. The prayers ask that they be watched over as they serve in dangerous areas. Hopefully, my children will always remember the men and women who serve. I love the cartoons that appear around Veterans and Memorial day that state "Lest we Forget". Forgetting would be a way of diminishing the greatness of our nation.

The sacrifice offered on our behalf by our soldiers is something to celebrate along with everything else this holiday season. I ask each of you to take some time this season to remember those who have sacrificed for us and who are giving their time now to ensure that we may live our lives in freedom.


Cylithria said...

I never forget and always feel so deeply warmed when others do not either. Thank you for this beautiful post! ((((hugs)))0

TopSurf said...

I couldn't have said this any better in fact I don't think anyone could have.
Excellent post.