Monday, January 19, 2009

Prelude to History

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. It is also the day before an historic inauguration for President-Elect Barack Obama. I did not vote for the President-Elect, but nonetheless the significance of this event is not lost on me. If you have read my blog you know that all of our children are adopted. The fourth child is an African-American girl we named Grace.

As I think about today and the extraordinary things that Martin Luther King did in his life I know that the world is a better place for my daughter. As I look at the accomplishments of Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Barack Obama and even Hillary Clinton, I know that my daughter has the opportunity to do anything.

We all have Pioneers in our history that have made this world better for us. The significance of this day shows that those Pioneers of the Civil Rights movement have achieved some (if not all) of their goals. The world is always made better because of those who are willing to sacrifice and work hard to make it so.

Grace is only two years old. She will not likely remember today or tomorrow. Therefore it is my job to ensure that she understands the significance of what is happening during these two days. My wife and I have already made the commitment to teach Grace about her background and culture. These two days will be included in that instruction. I look forward to helping her understand what great things people such as Martin Luther King Jr have done. I also look forward to helping her become the best that she can.

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TopSurf said...

Excellent post. Indeed it is history being made.