Friday, January 16, 2009

Pet Peeve Friday

I've decided that I'm going to do a weekly feature on my blog. I'm calling it Pet Peeve Friday. Each Friday I am going to blog about one of my pet peeves. This week I've decide to blog on one of my traveling pet peeves.

The pet peeve goes like this. You are in the airport waiting for your flight and the announcement is made that boarding is going to start. Now each airline does things a little differently but the basic annoyance still occurs. In my case this week the airline I was traveling on boards by zone with the zone being located on your boarding pass. Everyone knows that the airline will board starting with Zone 1 and ending with Zone 6.

So here's what happens, the gate agent makes the announcement for pre-boarding and what do you see? People who are to board in zones higher than one start cramming toward the jet way. It's almost comical until you realize that because they are crowding the jet way and can't get on that it takes longer for the plane to load. It also hampers people who are supposed to be boarding right then and also causes the gate agent to remind people that they are boarding only certain zones at that time. I don't know what it is that compels these people to crowd the jetway. Do they think that because they are standing there the agent will hurry up and call their zone? Do they think that the agent will fold and cave in to them because they are standing right there? I've never seen it happen and yet people continue to think that waiting their turn is for others.


Michael Dowling said...

When I was a kid, I was taught the basic rules around standing in line. No pushing, no shoving, no cutting, everyone gets a turn, yadda yadda. It seems like the lessons I was taught are either no longer taught or some kids just weren't paying attention.

The same goes for niceties like "Thank you," or getting up out of your public transit seat when an elderly woman needs it, or opening doors for people just because. I think it all stems from a lack of basic moral teachings.

Unfortunate, really.

TopSurf said...

Funny when we were traveling in September and flew to Florida my husband and I had this very conversation. It is very unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

I HATE that. It drives me nuts and is most certainly one of my biggest pet peeves as well!