Friday, January 23, 2009

Pet Peeve Friday - You don't have Bleu Cheese?

Today is another edition of Pet Peeve Friday. Today's edition is what you put on Chicken Wings. A little background first. I grew up in the small town of Wales, NY. It is adjacent to East Aurora, NY home of Fisher-Price toys. East Aurora in turn is a suburb (loosely defined) of Buffalo, NY.

Growing up I was introduced early on to Chicken Wings. I was also introduced to the only thing that Buffalo Chicken Wings should ever be dipped in - Bleu Cheese. So today's pet peeve is about other dips that have been introduced as a substitute for the correct dip.

My first interaction with this issue was on a business trip shortly after I graduated from college. We were in a restaurant and I noticed they had Chicken Wings on the menu. So of course I ordered some and expected to get Bleu Cheese with them. To my shock and horror not only did they not bring me Bleu Cheese, they told me they didn't have any in the restaurant and instead said they could bring me barbecue sauce. BARBECUE SAUCE! What kind of heresy is this? Well needless to say this was the first in many a Chicken Wing letdown.

Today's trend seems to be to substitute Bleu Cheese with Ranch dressing. It is just so wrong that I can't even fathom why anyone would want to desecrate the sacredness of Chicken Wings with Ranch dressing. It just amazes me that I have to ask to substitute the offered Ranch with Bleu Cheese.

It's so bad I'm thinking about getting President Obama to issue an executive order that states all Chicken Wings MUST be served with Bleu Cheese. It may be the only way to ensure that this injustice is stopped and that all Chicken Wings will have the privilege of being dipped in the one true dip - Bleu Cheese.


Andy said...

That's completely wrong... You know another heresy to Buffalo Wings? Baked Buffalo Wings... If they're baked, they're not Buffalo Wings! Buffalo Wings are FRIED!

Trinity said...

I couldn't have said it better myself and I also agree with Andy's comment. Baked does not a chicken wing make. It's just baked chicken at that point.