Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To my children (Part II)

Dear Levi, Ellie, Sam, Grace and Lia,

A week or so ago I wrote you a letter explaining why I was voting for president. Today is November 5th 2008 and America has chosen Barack Obama as president. This was not an unexpected event, but it is definitely an historic one. For the first time in our nation's history an African-American will be president. I listened to his speech last night when it was clear that he had won the election. There was a part in it where he referenced Abraham Lincoln and the values that the Republican party are founded on (self-reliance, individual liberty and nationaly unity). This part of his speech gave me some hope that he can work with all in Washington to help our country.

As part of our faith we have thirteen statements that help to define what we believe. The 12th of these Articles of Faith states:

We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.
I want you to know that this is what I intend to do. I intend to support this president. However, that doesn't mean that I won't voice any objections I may have to policies he may introduce. The system we have is setup so that our voices can be heard. Barack Obama stated last night that he would listen to the voices of the people. This means that we need to stay engaged in our country's progression and voice our opinion.

On another note, the proposition in Arizona to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman passed. As you know I voted for this proposition as I believe it will stop other rights of religion from being taken away.

In four years our country should have changed, I hope and pray that it will change for the betterment of all Americans everywhere. Know that I am praying for our leaders that they will make wise policies and enact just laws. Know that I am also praying that this country will remain strong and safe that you may enjoy its numerous blessings.

All my love,

Your Father


NotAMeanGirl said...

Nice Beeg! Very nice. Even those that supported Obama and voted for him should question his policy choices to make sure they are what is best for us as a country. Faith and hope are great... but we cannot follow them blindly.

N&E5 said...

While we may disagree politically, I truly appreciate your humility and your sense of unity.

I am optimistic that Obama will prove to be more pragmatic than many peg him to be. We have lived through a very divisive 8 years (after 8 of Clinton divisiveness) and I do believe that we can move beyond this.

I encourage you to voice your opposition to programs that you disagree with. It is of paramount importance to our democracy. I am grateful for your civil tone to your discussion and I believe that many can learn from your maturity in this regard.

Take care.