Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Round of 16 matches

The first round of the World Cup has finished. Some surprises have occurred (are you listening Les Bleus and Azurri?). Anyways, tomorrow the 2nd round starts. I thought I would give my predictions for each of the games:

Uruguay - South Korea: Uruguay showed class in their group. South Korea was tenacious. Outcome? Uruguay 3 - South Korea 1. Forlan too much for the Koreans

USA - Ghana: Americans with a dramatic victory to get in. Ghana held on to advance. A physical affair. Outcome? USA 2 - Ghana 1. Dempsey and Altidore score on balls played by Donovan.

Netherlands - Slovakia: Dutch haven't peaked yet. Slovakia kicked out the defending champs. Outcome? Big Orange Machine 3 - Slovakia 1. Robben the play maker and scorer of the first goal.

Brazil - Chile: Brazil is the class of the tournament. Chile are gritty. Finesse against physical. Outcome? Brazil 1 - Chile 1. Brazil advances on penalties. Kaka man of the match.

Argentina - Mexico: Argentina are the 2nd best team in the tourney. Mexico played it's group well and helped to send France out. A spirited affair. Outcome? Argentina 3 - Mexico 2. Messi gets the game winner.

Germany - England: Germany started well, but fizzled somewhat. England fizzled but brought it when they had to. Probably the most interesting (or 2nd most) match. Outcome? England 2 - Germany 0. Rooney finally shows up.

Paraguay - Japan: Paraguay helped to send Italy out. Japan figured out the Jabulani. A toss-up? Bet on the South Americans. Outcome? Paraguay 2 - Japan 1. Paraguay presses and it pays off.

Spain - Portugal: Spain won when they had to, but haven't looked sharp. Portugal had a seven goal outburst. Most entertaining (maybe most interesting) match in this round. Outcome? Portugal 3 - Spain 2. Portugal scores in extra time. Ronaldo kills the Spaniards.

As a result? Uruguay - USA, Netherlands - Brazil, Argentina - England, Paraguay - Portugal in the quarter finals. Tune in for predictions once the quarters are set. Until then I'll be blowing my Vuvuzela.

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