Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breaking the Habit

So today is day one of the "No More Cola" plan. You see I made the New Year's resolution to quit caffeinated soda. There are several reasons behind the decision. Of course it's not easy to do. I didn't go "Cold Turkey" on Jan 1. Instead of my regular 4 or 6 cans I drank only 2 and kept myself to that number through yesterday. Last night Cheryl and I were talking before bed and both of us decided it was time to get off the wagon.

My biggest problem is craving the flavor of Cola. It seems to be the thing that gets me coming back. So today I made a pitcher of Crystal Light and have not had one Cola. I also took one Excedrin Migraine pill. It's a preventative measure against the headache that would have come if I had just not drank a Cola all day.

So far so good. No headache, cravings replaced by Crystal Light. I'm sure this can be done and it will probably help me as I also start up my exercise routine in earnest again. It will also get me back to the fluids I grew up on: water and milk. That has to be healthy right?

It's going to take a couple more weeks to be completely free (hopefully less but I'm being realistic here). So Crystal Light, water and milk will become some of my new best friends. It's going to happen and I'm going to be better off because of it.


TopSurf said...

That is so hard. I am currently trying to get into the "right" frame of mind to get back to eating/drinking healthy and exercising. I know what's ahead of me maybe that's why I'm procrastinating. LOL Good luck to you it sounds like you are well on your way!

Sandy said...

I've been off sodas for a little over a year now (ever since I got pregnant with Dallas). While I'll admit the cravings still come, the hardest part is that my beloved Diet Pepsi doesn't taste the same anymore. After a while, the taste is gross. So, the hardest part is that while I really want a Diet Pepsi (like, right now), I can't have the Diet Pepsi I remember. I guess that's also the easiest part, because I know it won't do me any good to stick some quarters in that vending machine... Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! Soda is the one habit I can't break. I love my Diet Coke way too much!