Monday, September 21, 2009

Tax the Wealthy

Yes I said it, tax the wealthy! But it's not what you think. You see I got to thinking after BYU got trounced by Florida State that Florida State could still play for the BCS championship if they get a little help. BYU on the other hand has no chance at the championship game or even a BCS game because of this one loss.

My proposal is to borrow the philosophy of the Obama administration for the FBS. You see not every team that is in the FBS is in the BCS and therefore they don't have a chance to play in a BCS bowl unless a ton of things go right (that's why they call them BCS busters). So the plan is to "tax the wealthy". In this system the BCS schools make the most and need to pay their fair share, while the other schools belong to the middle-class and need help to get up to the level of the BCS schools.

My plan is to have the NCAA tax the BCS schools at 30% at the end of the college football season. The tax is on every dollar that the BCS football program brings in (notice NOT profit). The money is put into a pool that will be evenly distributed to the non-BCS FBS schools. This way the non-BCS schools will have more money and will be able to compete better with the BCS. Eventually everyone will be equal and all schools in the FBS will be eligible for the BCS championship without having to jump through (over, around, etc) the major hoops that now stand in their way.

I mean if the President of the US believes that distributing the wealth will bring everyone up why should we not apply that to college football? So I say it's time to tax the wealthy and compensate those middle-class FBS teams that are put down by the elite BCS teams.

Of course a football playoff might actually be less expensive and allow teams to settle the issues on the field, but hey that's capitalism and I think that's a four letter word now.

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Sandy White said...

Wahoo! I'm a fan. I mean, after all, it's all about equality, right?