Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Father-Son Conversation

Last night I had the opportunity to take my oldest son out and get a Halloween decoration he wanted. Being high-functioning autistic he was obsessed with this decoration. I didn't imagine that we would have the conversation that we did when we set out.

After we had bought the decoration we started out at home. Levi started discussing about when we die how we will come back to life. So we got into the whole discussion about resurrection. I explained to Levi that Jesus was resurrected and because He was resurrected we all get to be resurrected. It's a free gift given to us by Him. I then went on to explain how that after we are resurrected we get to sit down with Jesus and review our life. If we have done good and repented for the things that we did wrong and lived our lives as Jesus wants us to then we get to live with Him and God. Now in my religion that place is called the Celestial Kingdom. If you didn't quite live up to Jesus teachings (remember I'm explaining this to an eight year old) then you would live in the Terrestrial Kingdom. If you decided not to follow Jesus (you are always given a chance to accept Him) then you would be assigned to the Telestial Kingdom.

After my explanation, my son looks at me and says "I believe in Jesus Dad." That made me happy. You see we have always taught Levi what we believe but we haven't forced anything on him. We have always told him that he needs to make up his own mind when it comes to the church. So to hear him say he believes in Jesus is a good thing to me.

This time has taught me as well. That the kids are listening even when it seems that they are not. It gave me hope that as a parent I'm doing the right things to bring up my child correctly. It also reminded me that sometimes you need to turn everything else off and just talk with your child.


Spice Girl said...

My 8-year old son is high-functioning too. I know where you're coming from. What a great conversation--how validating that must have been. You're doing well, BJ.

bronsont said...

That was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. And you are right on, they are always listening, watching, and learning from us

TopSurf said...

Wow. Great conversation. I find it amazing how much our children listen to us even when it seems as if they aren't. They really are amazing. You are a great Father.