Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I learned at Cub Scout Camp

This week I had the opportunity to accompany my 8 year old son to Cub Scout Camp. The Camp runs 3 afternoons and is filled with many activities. This year the camp had a Pirate theme. We were assigned to Den 11 and here was our cheer:

Pirates don't go to heaven! We're Den 11! Aaargh!

There were 10 boys in our den and they did remarkably well. There were 6 areas where activities occurred. These areas were Pool, Crafts, Pirate Adventure, Games, BB Gun Range and Archery (I bet you can guess which ones were the boys favorites). There were some great life lessons taught and the boys had tons of fun while learning. Of course as a leader I learned a lot too. Here are the things I learned at Cub Scout Camp:

  1. 8 and 9 year old boys have energy no matter what time of day
  2. Webelos are the ultimate water balloon target
  3. Boys can eat when hungry (Pizza and Burgers at least)
  4. Listening is a skill they have acquired, no matter what you think about your child
  5. Competition is inborn to 95% of them, the other 5% learn it at camp
  6. I should be shooting a gun left handed (explains why I could never hit a target growing up)
  7. Popping balloons with arrows should be a part of every boys life
  8. Contrary to "A Christmas Story" boys don't necessarily shoot their eyes out when handling a BB Gun
  9. Boys fight and get over it, there is no grudge held (adults could learn a lot from this)
  10. Webelos are the best (except when a leader is pitching kick-ball to them then they think things are unfair)

I could go on, but needless to say the camp was great! The staff was great! The boys were . . . well GREAT! Me? I'm tired and ready to sleep.


citizen jane said...

Sounds like you had as much fun as the boys did ;-)

TopSurf said...

This is awesome. It sounds like you and the boys all had a memorable time.