Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Of Glee and Regret

Fox has come out with a new show called Glee. I don't know if I can watch it. It hits a little too close to home for me. At least the previews I've seen lead me to this conclusion. The basic premise is a teacher returns to High School to take over the Glee club. The previews show the politics of High School and the so called hierarchy of students (Jocks and such at the top, others down the ladder).

To me this hits home because growing up and through my Sophomore year I always sang in Chorus. I had a few solos in Elementary school and sung decently. I never was great (but I was pretty good I think). Even today I have a decent voice. I was also athletic and played soccer, basketball and baseball.

My Freshman year in High School I tried out for the yearly musical and got a backup singer's role. People told me to stick with it and I might get a more prominent role in the future. My Sophomore year I was invited to sing in the school's Show Choir.

It was this year that I made some decisions that I regret now. You see the politics mentioned above existed in my school (or at least in my perception they did). I felt as though my abilities to sing were a hindrance not a talent. I was embarrassed to be in Chorus, Show Choir and Musicals. In fact the first time I let this affect me was when Yearbook pictures were to be taken for the Show Choir group. The announcement came across the PA system and I just sat in my class instead of getting up and going to have the picture taken. Two more times the announcement came and twice more I slunk deeper into my chair to avoid going. It was one of the dumbest decisions I had ever made.

Needless to say the next year and my Senior year I did not participate in Chorus, Show Choir or Musicals. I moved away from friendships that could have blossomed. I now realize how much I missed out on and for what? It was stupid to be swayed by people's perception. I don't think I made that many more friends with the Jocks. In fact I lost a lot more than I ever gained because of that decision my Sophomore year.

Hopefully those who knew me at that time will understand that I gave in to a perception. I made a poor choice and missed out on what could have been a lot of fun. I missed out on building relationships with people and also blossoming a talent I have. I hope I didn't offend anyone (including the Chorus and Show Choir instructor Mrs. Dennis).

I have learned from this experience. I know that it is important to develop all the talents we have. I will strive to teach my children that a talent is to be cherished and shared. Hopefully they will learn from my mistake and not have the same feeling of regret I experience.

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