Monday, October 27, 2008

To My Children

Dear Levi, Ellie, Sam, Grace, and Lia,

It is October 27th, 2008 and I'm writing you this letter in an intensely political environment. This year we have the opportunity to elect a president for our country as well as representatives for ourselves. We also have a chance to vote on issues that are vital to our country. I'm writing you this letter to explain why I am voting the way I am.

This is an historic year. We have our first African American candidate for president. Yes Grace that means someone with your color is trying to become president, it is an amazing achievement and speaks volumes to how far we've come as a country. That candidate's name is Barack Obama and he is representing what is currently called the Democratic Party. His opponent is a war veteran just like your great-grandfather and your grandfather Boyd. His name is John McCain and he is what is currently called the Republican Party's candidate.

I am voting for John McCain. I am voting for him because he comes closest to the ideas that I think will lead this country forward and keep her as one of the world's greatest countries. I want to make clear why I am not voting for Barack Obama:

1. I am not a racist, this has nothing to do with the color of Mr. Obama's skin

2. I am not a bandwagoner. I will not jump on board a train just because it seems unstoppable

3. I have differences in opinion with the policies of Mr. Obama, among them are:

    a. I do not believe that the government should decide to whom my money goes. Mr Obama would tax the hard working people of this country at a higher rate and give that money as a "tax credit" to those who do not make as much. Do not misunderstand me, I believe that there should be a tax on everyone to help pay for things that are needed from a federal infrastructure standpoint. This includes roads, interstate commerce and treaties with other countries. I also believe that I should decide where my money goes to help others.

    b. I do not believe that if you tax businesses more they will create jobs and lower costs. I believe that if you treat businesses fairly and hold them accountable, they will do the things that will make profits rise. This means there have to be incentives for them to create jobs and employ skilled people to meet their goals. We have to realize that there are jobs that others in the world do better and at less cost and have to understand that if we want those jobs here then we have to be competitive for them.

    c. I do not believe that mandating health care coverage for everyone is a good idea. I do believe that health care coverage is needed. Government has consistently shown that it is awful in managing programs. All you have to do is look to Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Social Security and the out of control spending our government has been in charge of to see that. What I believe needs to happen is that frivolous lawsuits and the people who bring them to bear need to be held accountable so that the price of health care can be reduced. We see that there are physicians who will not perform tasks they are trained for because the risk of being sued is too great.

4. Barack Obama has consistently stated that he is running against the failed economic policies of the current presidential administration. However, I cannot find one policy that he is running against. Without that list I cannot see if Barack Obama voted for or against them before they were put into law.

Now for the biggest issue I see outside of the economy and the presidential choice, the issue of the definition of marriage. In Arizona we have Proposition 102 on the ballot this year. The proposition calls for an ammendment to the Arizona Constitution stating that the definition of marriage is the union between one man and one woman. For me this is the correct definition and given the current wins of those trying to destroy this definition I have to support Proposition 102. A major reason is the way society would see families and the fact that there are other rights that could be taken away from us if this definition isn't clear and concise. The big one is Freedom of Religion. If the definition of marriage were to change from the union of one man and one woman then it is very feasible that any religion that sees homosexuality as sin will be forced to accept homosexuality as doctrine. I cannot allow for man to dictate what God has deemed to be the right way. I know I will be seen as someone who hates homosexuals because of this stance. This is also incorrect. One of the people that I work closely with, have the greatest respect for and consider a good friend is homosexual. He knows my religious beliefs and we have had good discussions about it.

One other comment, I believe that everyone has the right to vote the way they believe is correct for them. I will not disparage someone because they believe differently than me. I will discuss my beliefs with them and why I believe it would be better to have my ideas and will listen to them do the same. I think this kind of interaction is healthy and will lead me to learn much.

I'm hoping children that I've explained the reasons why I am voting the way I am on November 4th, 2008. Know that I'm voting this way because I believe that what I am doing is right by you, by our family and by our country. I love you all.

Love Always,

Your Father


bronsont said...

Just happened by your blog today (11/4) and you stated my beliefs much better than I ever could, Thank You!

Liz said...

Hi BJ- I'm your co-worker and I'd like to think friend, and have been for several years now. I went to your blog site to see your halloween costume (very funny), and then I started reading your posts. 1. Who knew you were such a good writer? 2. I am now inspired to write a similar letter to my 1 year old daughter on this monumentous election day, explaining my thoughts and actions too. AND 3. Not that this is a big surprise to you, but I have pretty much the exact opposite views on everything you listed, and probably even more than we know. But, it occurred to me that while we are opposites on the view spectrum, we get along pretty well, even in spite of the fact we discuss politics and religion (and my lack of the latter) often. I think this will be the driving home point to my daughter in the letter; we get along, not because we have to, but because we want to, despite differences. Most important things supersede the view spectrum.

Michael Dowling said...

The only real comment I have on any of this, is a little fun campy video:

Smooches and sparkles, from your favorite SF homo!


Michael Dowling said...

Another comment from your favorite SF homo:

Just keep it in mind when you think about it. Totally understand there are religious reasons as to why the "definition of marriage" is important to you, though would you also agree that the definition of marriage is important to many, many religions? And, that said, that maybe the real fight is not so much defining marriage in the eye of the law, but rather, removing the entire definition of marriage from law and using "civil unions" as the overriding legal concept for everyone. IN effect, leaving the word "marriage" to the institutions (religious or otherwise) that put value on that term?

Something to consider.

Yes, this is still on my mind. As you can imagine, it is important for me and my partner. Prop 8 will be overturned in May - the courts saw to that in 2008 when they defined marriage as a "fundamental right." This will make its way to the federal courts eventually, who will agree as there is already federal precedent as to calling marriage a "fundamental right."

I say, screw marriage and redefine everyone under a civil union. Under the eyes of the law, marriage/civil unions are nothing more than a contract between individuals. Leave it as such.


(and the notion that somehow gays getting married will lead to bestiality and polygamy is ridiculous BS - talk about the worst kind of political mud slinging. ew - just a general comment, I know you don't believe this)