Friday, July 18, 2008

Energy and Us

Ok, so this is my first post and I'm tackling a doozy, energy and the common man. I have gone out and read the two candidates proposals so this post will talk about what I think needs to be done. Here is Barack Obama's plan and here is John McCain's.

My opinion is that we need to do what we can to increase the supply of gas while at the same time be able to explore and utilize alternative energies. One good sign is that the government isn't the only entity coming up with plans. T. Boone Pickens' plan for example shows that the private sector is also trying to help. Of course the private sector is also driven by profit and sees a way to make money from this, but that is the American way.

The bottom line is that immediate relief for the common man is years away (I know it's weird that immediate is not today). We have to be able to account for the increase in gas prices in our family budgets and day to day activities. However we must also speak up and let our leaders know that they need to stop being passive and get busy working on this issue. I believe that we need to increase domestic supply of oil in the near term in order to lower gas prices. I don't believe that we can sacrifice the research and development of alternative fuels. That needs to move forward. A balance has to be achieved to allow the economy to move forward.

America has been a self-sufficient nation. It's the only way a capitalist market works. We can continue to be self-sufficient if we are smart about it. The partisan politics of today will not get it done.

So which proposal is the best? Right now I have to say that none of them are. I believe that the plans need to be merged in a way that will balance the need for relief with conventional oil and the transition to alternative energies. Remember that it takes several years to get new technology approved and infrastructure built to be able to supply the country. So sadly it will take time to get new technology to the masses. However, if done correctly new technology along with near term oil relief can be done within a couple of years instead of the 7+ years that will be the minimal wait time for either candidate's plan to take effect.

Bottom line is that it is time for America to stand up and put a plan in action that will:
  1. Increase supply to lower gas prices (if we need to suspend some current laws to do so, so be it)
  2. Continue to fund the research and development of alternative fuels and energy
  3. Move away from partisan politics and work together for the benefit of all Americans

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