Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Be Loyal Scouts

If you saw any of my status updates earlier in the week you saw that our oldest son, Levi, earned his Cub Scout Webelos badge. This is an amazing achievement given the fact that only a few short months ago Levi did not like Cub Scouts.

Raising a special needs child (Levi is High-functioning Autistic) is a challenge. It's not only a challenge for us as parents, but it is a challenge for Levi himself. At some things he has to work harder than others and Scouts is definitely something he has worked hard at. A couple of pictures of Levi at Pack Meeting this week (he's the taller one).

This is a time to be proud as a parent. It's also a time to thank the leaders and others in Cub Scouts who have helped Levi along the way. I know they worked as hard as Levi did in order for him to qualify for this award. Hopefully getting this award will propel Levi to continue in Scouting where he will learn a lot of life skills and continue his achievements.

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