Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pizza, Wings, and Japan

Last year when the earthquake hit Haiti my wife and I decided we would give what we could to help out those suffering. This year with the disaster in Japan we decided to get our children involved. Again we figured out what we could give but how to include the children and make them feel like they had contributed to the cause?

We sat the kids down and proposed that we give something up in order to save the money for the donation. Fridays are usually Pizza and Wing night at our house. We proposed that we miss a certain number of Pizza nights and instead of spending that money we would donate it to help those in Japan. The kids felt that for this cause they could give up Pizza and Wings until the money was earned and the donation made.

As of today we are at the halfway point of our goal for Japan. We discussed this milestone with the kids at dinner on Sunday. They were excited that we've made it this far and said they had no problems in foregoing Pizza and Wings until the goal is met. It's been great to see them not complain about not having our favorite Friday dinner. It will be even better when we write the check and make the donation to help those in need on the other side of the world.

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