Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kickoff College Style

Kickoff of the college football season happened last Thursday and continued through last night. It was a crazy start to a crazy off season. I mean look at the following that occurred in the off season:

  1. The Big 10 became the Big 12
  2. The Big 12 became the Big 10
  3. The PAC 10 became the PAC 12
  4. BYU goes independent in Football
  5. Boise State and Nevada bolt the WAC for the Mountain West

Then kickoff of the season with two non-automatic qualifying schools ranked in the preseason top ten. Boise State and TCU both started the year with wins over BCS teams (VA Tech and Oregon State respectively). A FCS team, Jacksonville State, beat a FBS (and automatic qualifying BCS school) Ole Miss.

A crazy way to start. Now if you've followed my blog you know what I think of the BCS. Some of you know that I have also created my own system to rank teams. This year? I think I will sit back and see what happens with Boise State and TCU. If they both go undefeated will the BCS put them in the same BCS bowl game again? Or will they have the guts to put them up against the “Big Boys”?

My guess is that if both go undefeated and there are only three undefeated teams in the country we will see Boise State and TCU play in a non-championship BCS bowl game against each other. This means that a one loss BCS school will get into the national championship game and the debate will begin again about the system.

Yes, it's time to get fired up about the BCS. It makes for great debates and stupid comments. Logic goes out the window a lot of times (even in this blog I must admit). It's always fun to see the fanatics and argue the pros and cons (mostly cons in my opinion) of the system.

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